Should You Buy a Home in the Winter?

Buying House

YES. Here is why.

It is a good time to check if your new home will hold up under the elements: rain, snow, sleet, as well as house staying warm when it’s cold outside.

While southern California does not get snow, sleet or icy like northern California, it does rain. You want to know upfront if the house has water leak issues. Some leaks can be small and go undetected. During the winter months and after raining, you can see visible signs of water leaks.

What about insulation. Is the house warm? What’s the heating bill like? During winter months you can tell if a house is warm and cozy, or does it feel cold an drafty. You can go from room to room taking a feel of the temperature. For example, does the master bedroom feel comfortable? What about the dining areas and bathrooms? Also, you can ask about the heating bill and request a copy. Since the homeowner is in the middle of paying the heating bill, there should be no problem getting you an immediate copy.

For areas that get snow, does the City do a good job of snow removal? How often is snow removed? On which days? In the winter, you can check these things out for yourself. You do not have to rely on someone’s else memory or words on what they think happens.

Other reasons include less buyers, so you have less competition; and by the time spring comes around, you are already set in your new home and ready to enjoy new memories.