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Sell a House

Get the Top Price

Get the top price, at the right time, with less hassle. We know how to do it.

1 – Professional Home Analysis

2 – Inventory Analysis of the Area

3 – Listed in MLS

4 – Marketed to our Buyer Clients

5 – House Fixes and Staging

Mistakes to Avoid

1 – Over Pricing Your Home

2 – Not Disclosing Known Problems

3 – Not Preparing Your House for Sale

4 – Not Pre-Qualifying Buyers

The BIGGEST MISTAKE IS Over Pricing your home….

If a real estate agent gives you an estimate way higher than the rest of the homes in your area, that is a red flag; whereby the agent is just trying to flatter you into getting your business.

Overpricing doesn’t do you any favors. In fact, it may cause your house to sit on the market much longer that necessary, and whereby you will eventually have to lower the price anyway.

We know how to analyze the market….

For Example:

Let’s say your house is somewhere around $500k in value, and our data is telling us that there is a a lot of inventory between the $500k and $550k. At the same time, our data is showing that there are not many houses for sale in the $450K to $500K price range.

So, in this case we would suggest pricing your home a litter under $500K to capitalize on the stronger market

Pre-Qualify Home Buyers

An unqualified buyer can cost you precious time and money. If it turns out they are unable to acquire financing and you have proceeded with accepting their offer for the sale, you will have tied up your house for months and lost potential buyers. Therefore, you should pre-qualify the buyer prior to accepting any written offers.

Protect Yourself – Listing Agreement

You want a real estate professional to represent your interest; with clear language as to what the agent will be doing; as well as how the agent will be compensated. You do not want any surprises at closing.

To make sure you are protected, we require all seller (listing) clients to sign our broker’s listing agreement. This allows you the seller and us to put in writing the duties and responsibilities of all persons involved. This way you know upfront that we are working for your best interest.