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Buy a House

Use the Right Information

Make sure you are using the right information to find your home. We recommend you start with knowing the following

1 – What neighborhoods are you willing to consider?

2 – Are schools a factor?

3 – Is a single-family home a requirement or is a condo an option?

4 – Will your family size increase over the next five years?

5 – Do you need a garage, or will covered / street parking be ok?

6 – How many bathrooms will you need?

7 – Do you need a home office?

Protect Yourself – Buyer’s Broker Agreement

You want a real estate professional to represent your interest; with clear language as to what the agent will be doing; as well as how the agent will be compensated. You do not want any surprises at closing.

To make sure you are protected, we require all buyer clients to sign our buyer’s broker agreement. This allows you the buyer and us to put in writing the duties and responsibilities of all persons involved. This way you know upfront that we are working for your best interest.

Making a Purchase Offer

Your purchase offer is a written contract that you sign and submit to the seller. The written purchase offer indicates the amount you are willing to give the seller for his or her property. If you are working with our real estate office, we will provide you with a legal / lawyer reviewed purchase offer form.

Important details on the purchase offer form; things you should know:

… The amount you are offering for the home

… Contingencies to protect you if your financing falls through

… Contingencies to protect you if the inspection unearths major problems with the home

… Conveyances, such as whether the home will come furnished or unfurnished

… An expiration date, by which the seller must respond before your offer expires

… Concessions, such as any closing costs or other costs which you would like the seller to pay

Benefits of having a Buyer’s Real Estate Agent

Can you buy a house without a real estate agent? Of course.

However, we recommend that you take advantage of the services that buyers’ real estate agent provide. There are two key areas that will be a great benefit to you…

(1) Finding the right home

Not all homes are immediately listed, and there are areas and communities that could be a hidden gems for you.

(2) Negotiation

You want to make sure you get the best pricing, along with options for fixing things that may come up.