Ready to Own Your Home?

Ready to own a home

It’s time to Stop worrying about rules from the landlord and let your creativity shine in a new home that’s all yours.

Research shows that owning your own home has distinct advantages over renting, especially when it comes to building your net worth and providing a stable environment for your family. If you’re sitting on the fence debating whether to rent or buy your next home, here is one BIG reason why owning your own home is better than renting.

BIG REASON…. to Own Your Own Home
It’s Cheaper than Renting

Although buying a house is more expensive at the outset, it can actually be cheaper than renting in the long term. According to real estate website Trulia, home ownership is 38% cheaper on average than renting nationally, which is a 3% decrease from 2013.

They attribute the drastic difference in costs to the rising costs of rent and the low fixed-rate mortgage rate.