Email Marketing vs. Social Media

Social media is shinnying less

Users trust on social media are eroding in both organic and paid search.  The costs to market on social media continues to rise, while returns are diminishing.

Email, on the other hand, continues to be the most effective channel for marketing; with the number of users expected to reach 3.9 billion worldwide by the end of this year. Email continues to drive healthy and consistent ROI, allowing you to keep all that data in-house while you build customer relationships and generate significant revenue.

66% of users make a purchase based on an email marketing message; versus just 26% for social media.

Many consumers are growing more and more suspicious of ads on social media while others simply find them annoying. Either way, they’re easily blocked or ignored. But once a customer has opted-in to receive your emails, they truly want to hear from you.

Recent research revealed that 47% of consumers prefer email for brand communications, compared to 17% who prefer display ads, 14% who prefer text messages, and 12% who prefer mobile app notifications. Social media? It came in dead last at just 10%.

Still, Email Must Provide Value

Your email subscribers expect emails to provide value. Subscribers want personalization that goes far beyond addressing them by name. For example, your customers expect you to know about community issues that could effect the price of their home.