Best Direct Marketing for Real Estate – Generational

Take the Generational Approach – Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials

Get more leads in your pipe line using marketing that targets the different generations.

Each generation has their way of doing things.  Everything from health, socializing, and buying a home.  Therefore, your marketing should address the generation in which you are looking to help with buying or selling their home.

Baby Boomers
As we age, it becomes hard to filter out distractions. This means that your marketing pieces should have a clear message in a big font.

Do not clutter the marketing with tons of copy and a bunch of images. Include white space around your copy and images to allow time for absorption without distraction.

Because older brains filter out negative messages, you should accentuate the positive benefits of your real estate services. Boomers have time and, therefore, value more information before making a decision — unlike Gen Xers and Millennials.

Make sure to respect their intelligence and include details about your real estate service that are relevant to them.

The more they are exposed to your message, brand, and services, the more it becomes true for them. So make sure that your messaging on your marketing pieces matches across all channels.

Gen X
The first thing to note about Gen Xers is that they are very busy people; you will need to grab their attention quickly.

Special Offers, discounts,…. are a great way to reach Gen X. They love a good deal. They love companies that do “good for society.”  So when they make a purchase, they can also help out others.

They like loyalty programs that help keep them on track through busy weeks and months. Keep in mind that this generation loves direct mail. Of course you need to send them mail pieces that are relevant, but you should expect good response rates from them.

Because lack of time is an issue, make sure that you go with less copy and get right to the point of how your real estate service can help them.

The most important thing to know about Millennials is that they value social issues over economics. So you need to make sure that your messaging taps into that need.

Another factor is innovation. This generation is always looking for the next best thing. How can your real estate service fix their problems in a new way?

Millennials love reviews, so make sure you provide real testimonials from customers on your marketing pieces. They, like Gen X, are big on loyalty programs; so show them how your real estate services can help them save lots of money when buying or selling a house.