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Property Management

Return on Your Investment

You want your investment property to provide a nice return; provide an income stream; to appreciate in value; and to not have many problems. 

We can help you with that.

Our experience and expertise in the real estate industry provides you with a team that looks out for your best interest.

Fill Vacancies
         (advertising, applicant screening, property showing, etc.)

Rent Collection
         (timely rents, serve notices, oversee evictions, etc.)

         (tenant calls, oversee repairs, competitive bids, etc.)

Bill Payments
         (vendors, insurance, utilities, taxes, etc.)

Mistakes to Avoid

1 – Not Screening Your Tenants Properly

Your potential tenants say everything you want to hear; they sound like the ideal tenants. However, problems start to show….
(a) tenants not paying rent or always pays late;
(b) tenants having unknown pets that are damaging your property;
(c) tenants have hidden drug labs.

To prevent these issues, be sure to take the time to complete a thorough background checks to weed out undesirable tenants.

2 – Putting off Routine Maintenance and Inspections

It is crucial to inspect your property regularly so you can identify and fix minor problems before they have a chance to develop into bigger problems and headaches. Not only will this save you time and money in the long run, but it also keeps your tenants on their toes and gives them the impression that you are responsible and attentive.

Additionally, when maintenance problems arise (however minor), do not let tenants handle them as this can lead to additional damages and even liability for potential injury.  

3 – Hiring the wrong contractors

Always look to hire reliable and experienced contractors. Hiring the wrong contractors can have costly repercussions in the future, so it is important to avoid the temptation of hiring based solely on price. You should hire someone that will show up and take care of the problem when you call.

An experienced contractor will almost always come with a higher fee but keep in mind that the quality results will save you money in the long run.

For example, an inexperienced contractor may be able to complete a painting job for less money; however, you may find that the same paint job requires attention again, much sooner that you expected.