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Other Loan Programs

There are other home loan programs that may fit your needs better. You should know that there are always options and alternatives. So, contact us first before you make any decisions.

Home Ready (Fannie Mae) and Home Possible (Freddie Mac)

Both of these are Conventional Loans
… 3% Down Payment
… 0% Required from Borrower’s Own Funds
… Flexible Sources of Income and Assets
… Cancel Mortgage Insurance with 20% Equity
… Price Caps and No Upfront MIP

FHA 203(K) and Fannie Mae HomeStyle

Money for Purchase and Renovations
… Loan Include Purchase and Renovations
… Major Structural Repair
… Make Repairs After Loan Closes
… Minimum Down Payment

Flip Pro – $10 Million Line of Credit

… $10,000,000 Line of Credit for Experienced Flippers
… 90% of Purchase Price
… 100% of Rehab Budget
… No Hassle Draw Process
… Points start at 1.5
… No Income Verification
… No Interest on Undrawn Rehab Funds
… Must have completed 2 comparable flip exits in last 36 months
… No derogatory public records in last 24 months
… No felony convictions in last 7 year

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