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HOA Management

Our HOA Services

Our Homeowner Association services focuses on supporting single-family and condominium associations.  We provide community management services necessary to operate successful associations of all sizes. 

We offer administrative support, financial management, maintenance supervision, and other specialize services they may be needed by your association.

We believe a full comprehensive solution is the best choice.  This eliminates you from having to contact and follow-up with multiple companies and vendors.

Financial Management
         (budgets, banking, bill payments, fines & assessments, etc.)

Administrative Support
         (compliance, regulations, meetings, proxies, agendas, etc.)

Maintenance Supervision
         (inspections, scheduling, problem solving, etc.)

Switching to Our HOA Management Services

One of the best advantages of hiring our professional management services is the access to a wealth of knowledge and experience that we have to offer.

Our experienced can guide a board of directors through their decision-making process; review financial statements; assess projects; and help with making overall sound business decisions.

We start by meeting with your Board of Directors to discuss your concerns; upcoming projects; known issues; and the financial health of your association.

We will let you know if we can help
with the management of your association.

We want to make sure that we are adding value, and that we can accomplish your association’s goals. We take the time to understand your expectation, before signing any management agreement.

Avoid these Common HOA Mistakes

Deferring Maintenance

Why fix it now, can we wait? Yes, but it is likely to cost more by the time you get to it. And while you are waiting, it could effect your property value.

Not Hiring Skilled Maintenance Professionals

You are trying to save money, so you hire someone that you know, that you think can do the job for less. But, it actually ends of costing you more money.

For Example:
If you pay someone $15 an hour for a job that takes that person 10 hours to complete, that job cost you $150. If you pay an expert $50 an hour to do that same job, but it only takes him or her 2 hours to complete it, you only spent $100 on work that is most likely of a higher caliber and therefore less likely to require repairs in the near future (which would cost you even more money). The bottom line comes down to value. A higher rate doesn’t always equal a higher final bill.